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Sodium hydrogen carbonate

Sodium hydrogen carbonate

Sodium bicarbonate. Sodium hydrogen carbonate

Appearance: White powder is crystalline.

Chemical Name: Sodium hydrogen carbonate

Chemical Formula: NaHCO3

Packaging Shape: In 25 kg bags

Features :

Sodium bicarbonate is a chemical compound with the chemical formula NaHCO3. It is also used as embossing dust. Sodium bicarbonate is commonly known as carbonate carbonate.

Carbonate does not only stay with dough; burned pots, burnt oven tray, etc. easy to clean: for example, the pot is filled with water to the thickness of a finger; a package of embossed powder (or carbonate) is added and boiled for about 10 minutes. The burned food sludge will be dissolved immediately. The stains on the teapots, thermos and flower vases are easily removed with a mixture of boiled water and carbonate.

If teeth are brushed with baking dust (or carbonates) once a week, the teeth become whitish. It should be noted that acid foods and beverages are not used for half an hour after brushing. Carbonate reacts with calcium (Ca2 +) and magnesium (Mg2 +) ions which cause hardness of the water to precipitate and soften the water.

When boiled legumes and hard veggies, carbonates are added to the boiling water to make them soften more quickly. The basic properties of the carbonate aid in cellulite blistering. Carbonate also eliminates undesirable odors thanks to its basic character. For example, bad breath, waste water flow in washbasins and toilets, smelly shoes, refrigerators. Because the carbonate has the ability to bind the smells to itself. Vegetables such as cabbage and cauliflower are rich in sulfur. This sulfur is soluble when such vegetables are boiled and causes unpleasant odor. While boiling such vegetables, adding some carbonates to the boiling water reduces the formation of undesirable odors. In a basic environment, oxygen in the air boosts these sulfur components. At the same time, carbonates also reduce the gas-forming properties of such vegetables. It is used in place of deodorant and footbath for sweaty feet. This application should be done at most once a week. After insect stings, if you apply dressing with carbonated water to that area, it will immediately reduce itching and swelling. In general, a mixture of half a liter of water with a spoonful of carbon is good against itching. Carbonated water is also beneficial to areas exposed to sunlight and has instant pain relief. Carbonate is also used for heartburn. Stomach burning is caused by excess gastric acid secretion.

Usage areas

Sodium bicarbonate is widely used in this way because it is commonly known as dough baking soda. But it is also a good solution for cleaning burnt trays and pots comfortably.

It is also used to clean residues in teapots, thermos and vases. Its implementation is extremely simple. The hot water to be applied is filled and sodium bicarbonate is poured into it. The stains are easily cleaned with this mixture.

When the sodium bicarbonate soda form enters the reaction with the water, it acts as a detergent by acquiring basic properties.

Sodium bicarbonate can also be used for better scalding of dry legumes. When some sodium bicarbonate is added to the boiled water, the pulses will soften more quickly.

In addition, those with bad breath can also be a remedy. Preventing unpleasant odors, this substance can also be used to prevent sink smells, remove smell of shoes, and eliminate the smell of refrigerators.

Sodium bicarbonate; the smell of vegetables such as cabbage and cauliflower can be avoided by removing the odors during the scalding process.

After insect infestations, insect bite blocks the itch in the bite area when applied with sodium bicarbonate water.

If hand and foot sweat problems are used, sodium bicarbonate water is used instead of deodorant, and the problem of sweating in these areas is reduced and bad smells are also prevented.

If sodium bicarbonate water is applied instantly to burning sun burns, it alleviates the pain in the burned area.


Sodium hydrogen carbonate
Packing :  25 kg torba
Formula : NaHCO3

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